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Address : 5th building of Shangpu Business Center, No.99 Jiang Wan Cheng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 

Postcode : 200438

Switchboard : 021-3590 7000

Fax : 021-6545 8990

Company Website : http://www.u8832.com

Investor Relations

Contact Number :  021-3590 7666

Retail Sales

Wholesale agency business: mall and supermarket channel  

Mr. Zhu        Tel: 021-35907180;

Emporium agency business: Emporium channel 

Ms. Huang    Tel: 021-35908147;

Franchised agency business: CS channel 

Ms. Zhang    Tel: 021-35907363;

E-commerce business: e-commerce channel 

Ms. Chen      Tel: 021-35908130;

Overseas agency business: Overseas channel 

Mr. Xiong      Tel: 021-35907316;

Brand Protection

Counterfeit Hotline : 021-3590 7000 , with extension